Mesmerizing. Now I have an idea how a snake must feel under the spell of a snake charmer.

Lealiza is a time-transcending singer. ”

— Vance Gilbert, USA

You need a special kind of voice to do Ladino songs, and Lealiza's got it.”

— Barry Ulrych, Rabbi and Cantor

Lealiza Lee has Mediterranean honey tones, perfect for Spanish, Turkish, and North African music.”

— Jade Fairfax, Alvorada America


Whatever Lealiza sings - from traditional-styled music to more current pop-styled songs, and in whatever language - her voice has the versatility and texture to capture your ear and hold on tight.

Lealiza’s style has been described as distinctive, captivating, emotional, and expressive. A Detroit area singer-songwriter, Lealiza’s voice is voice influenced by sounds of nature, inflections of world music, and the flavors of liturgical chant. Prior to the start of the pandemic, Lealiza focused on live performance. Known for intimate house concerts, she has also performed at festivals, universities, and Carnegie Hall.

Lealiza sings from the Four Corners of the Jewish world, in languages and dialects that allow the listener to enter the world of the writer. Lealiza's innovative interpretations of traditionals and classics take her listeners on a journey that transcends time and place. Over the past year Lealiza has written a collection of eclectic originals in English, all unified by her love of the characters for whom she speaks and a passion for lending her voice so they can be heard.