Whatever Lealiza sings - from traditional-styled music to more current pop-styled songs, and in whatever language - her voice has the versatility and texture to capture your ear and hold on tight.” - Geoff Wilbur

Review: Lealiza - We Americans

On September 11, 2021, Lealiza felt inspired to speak for the many Americans who feel despair as we watch our leaders leave Afghan allies and American citizens in jeopardy. She wrote "We Americans" as a heartfelt plea around the declaration, “We don’t leave our people behind.”

Unable to perform live, Lealiza started writing songs during the pandemic. The songs are influenced by Lealiza's musical journey, with unexpected twists. With the urgent message of this song, it was the first one she took to production and is her first release.

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Mesmerizing. Now I have an idea how a snake must feel under the spell of a snake charmer.”

— Multimedia Artist SAM, Austria

Lealiza is a time-transcending singer.”

— Vance Gilbert, USA

Lealiza Lee has Mediterranean honey tones, perfect for Spanish, Turkish, and North African music.”

— Jade Fairfax, Alvorada America, USA

You need a special kind of voice to sing Ladino songs, and Lealiza's got it.”

— Cantor Barry Ulrych, USA